Empowering Journeys and Inspiring Impact
Let’s Start Something…

Welcome To Real Pathways

We are a dynamic and passionate team dedicated to empowering individuals, businesses, and organisations to explore opportunities and support personal and professional development.

We create and nurture journeys of exploration, growth, and progression. From Supporting people to access employment or education to supporting ideas around starting a business, Real Pathways is here to be part of that journey.



18-25yr Olds
Living In Cornwall
Not In Work or Education

Join Our Compass Programme Today

– Explore Opportunities,
– Try New Things
– Build Skills and Confidence
– Gain Industry Insight
– Support to Gain Employment
– Support to access Education


19 Yrs Plus
Living in Devon & Cornwall

Build your confidence in number skills with Multiply.

– Free digital and creative courses
– Support to overcome anxiety around numbers
– Printmaking and Immersive Technology activities

Start Something

A programme of workshops designed to guide and inspire people on their journey to business start up.

– 1:1 Mentoring and Coaching
– Support from a cohort of learner
– Access to a network of business specialists
– Online and in-person networking opportunities

Real Pathways – Liskeard Library Opening 30th September

How Can We Help Your Organisation

Real Pathways works collaboratively with organisations to provide innovative and impacting outcomes.

We work closely to understand organisations challenges and objectives. Through our consultancy services, we offer innovative concepts, ideas, programs, and workshops that empower organisations to engage with their communities, build networks, and drive positive social impact.

What Makes Us Different?

Real Pathways is part of Real Ideas Organisation, an amazing family of networks, connections, and opportunities in a range of sectors.

Explore the world of Immersive Tech with Real Immersive or get creative with Arts and Making at RAMP.

Find out more about communities and green spaces with Nature and Neighbourhoods or gain digital badges via Badge Nation.

Real Ideas has activities, programmes, and support in a range of sectors. Find out more about what makes us different below.

Real Immersive connects people with immersive technologies. From the ‘state-of-the-art’ 360 dome at the Market Hall in Plymouth, we produce immersive content, offer facilities, training, and opportunities, growing the creative tech community and increasing the use of tech for good.

Nature and Neighbourhoods help create better, greener neighborhoods, powered by the communities that live there – regenerating people and nature. Through our programmes and consultancy services, buildings, highstreets and neighbourhoods are transformed – solving problems, and creating opportunities.

Badge Nation is the home for organisations that want to make a positive difference using digital badges. Companies and education settings can reward digital badges to acknowledge skills development, which can be used on CVs to show people’s skill sets and experience.

Real Art Make Print is an art, crafts, and making community at Plymouth’s Ocean Studios. With affordable studios, exhibition space, creative co-working, specialist print equipment, and events and workshops, there is something for families, artists, craftspeople and more.